Business Reading

You know that your business...

has something important to say!

You have so many questions, you really want to connect with your business but you have absolutely no idea where to start?

A business reading will give you insights and information that helps to transform your business. Finally you will be able to understand what path to take. Having clear directions so you know exactly what to do next!

I will help you to connect with the core of your business.

Everything is energy! The difficulties in your business are there to teach you new things. You probably already figured out that running a business is not the most easy thing to do.

How nice would it be if you finally had answers to your most urgent business questions?!

Without hiring a business coach for ten thousands of dollars but with a quick yet transforming business reading! You don't have to stress about how much you have to charge, if your new service will be successful or where the hack you can find new clients. It is all in the cards! 

It really is!

Workshop wat is jouw volgende stap

Allow your business to speak up

and tell you exactly what it needs

Questions asked:


I don't have a specific question but I want a reading is that possible?

Absolutely! No worries if you don't have a specific question. I will channel the energy of your business and the cards will speak. No need to push yourself to come up with a question.


What will happen after the reading?

I will send you photos and the recording of the reading. We will discuss some strategies as well, depending on the outcome of the reading! Mostly my clients experience little signs (from angel numbers to new clients coming in!) to confirm what was discussed. You can experience anything from extreme tiredness to extreme energetic outbursts. It completely depends on what your business has to say to you. I recommend to plan some time off after the reading.


I never had a reading, do I need to prepare something?

No you don't have to do something special. You may want to light a candle, burn some incense or make a cup of tea. I want you to be relaxed yet being able to receive information and to act upon it.


How do you know what my business needs?

Before the reading I will check you website or social media. I connect with this energy and my intuition will lead the way. Nothing has to be up-to-date it's about the energy not the information. I can sense areas of improvement and I will always let the cards speak.


I'm not that spiritual can I still purchase a reading?

You sure can! If you are open (and maybe curious) that's absolutely enough.


1 hour via Zoom
Recording afterwards
5 personal afformations created by me
Business advice on how to implement the information from the reading
Answers on your most urgent questions
Multiple card decks used
Photos of all the cards drawn
Price 222

After purchasing this reading you will receive a link to my online calendar to schedule an appointment.